Caitlyn Burnitis: Telecommunications Student, Reporter, Future Lawyer, Social Justice Advocate, and Writer

I am currently a student at the University of Florida, pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Telecommunications and a minor in Non-Profit Students Organization. I am currently applying for law schools, with an interest in pursuing public interest law, specifically human rights law.

I currently work for WUFT-TV in Gainesville as a TV reporter and as a News in 90 anchor and producer. I have previously worked for WUFT-FM as a reporter, and as a radio reading service reader for their broadcasts of newspaper stories over the radio for the visually disabled. I love working as a reporter because I get to immerse myself in the issues that really matter to people today, and I can be part of the group of people who help better educate the population about things they need to know. I think my favorite part about journalism though is that it all stems from wanting to find the truth and wanting to share it with others.

To see some of my works for WUFT, check out my YouTube playlist.

I  currently intern at the non-profit public interest law firm Southern Legal Counsel. I’ve had the privilege of working on data collection for multiple cases, including their landmark education case, Citizens for Strong Schools, Inc. v. Fla. State Bd. of Education.

I also currently intern at University of Florida’s Student Legal Services, as a volunteer and a shadow to cases.

I am currently the Vice-President of Gators Against Human Trafficking. We are a student organization that works to raise awareness about human trafficking as well as promote the stopping of this form of modern day slavery.

The reason I joined Gators Against Human Trafficking and began pursuing law was because I discovered a passion for working towards social change and pushing for social justice, after reading a magazine article about how millions are still in slavery today, even right here in our country. That article opened the door to my lifelong mission of fighting for human rights and social justice for all. It made me realize how I could have a profession in law helping people who want to make the world a better and more fair place for everyone it.

Finally, I am a writer. From  research papers to legal briefs to news broadcasts to blogs about coffee and pizza, writing has always been and will always be at the heart of what I do. The written word is an incredibly poignant and powerful thing that has changed our world, and I hope, one day, my writing will contribute to a small part of that change.

I hope this helped you learn a little more about me as a person. To learn more about me and what I do, I encourage you to check out my resume, as well as my website.



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